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Large Oriental Area Rugs 8x10 Black Carpet Floor Rug Runner 2x8 Rugs 5x7 Foyer

Large Oriental Area Rugs 8x10 Black Carpet Floor Rug Runner 2x8 Rugs 5x7 Foyer

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This rug is very nice and you will receive a brand new one in plastic. I've closed my rug store last year after 25 years of being in rug and carpet business. I am selling all the inventory that is left below wholesale prices. I am asking the lowest prices on eBay
Great for living rooms or dining area. This rug is very durable and resistant to soiling, stain, and fading. Enhanced soft pile keeps dirt out and keeps these rugs looking great for years
This rug provides a luxurious look to your room. This stain-resistant rug can be also easily cleaned with mild soap and water without losing its coloring. This rug is very easy to clean, washable and will do great if you have pets.

* Great for Any Home Decor.
* Adds texture to the floor and complements any decor.
* Vivid Colors Won't Fade Over Time.
* Fast FREE shipping.
Exact size for the 2x3 size (2.0x3.0) feet 
Exact size for the 2x8 runner  (2.0x7.6) feet 
Exact Size for the 4x6 (4.0x5.2) feet
Exact size for the 5x5 circle rug  (5.3x5.3) feet 
Exact size for 5x8 size is (5.3x7.6) feet
Exact size for 8x11 size (7.9x10.6) feet

You are purchasing from a trusted seller with over 25 years of experience in area rugs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Please feel free to email with any questions. I will be happy to help. 

 2x3 size (2.0x3.0) feet,  2x8 runner  (2.0x7.6) feet ,4x6 (4.0x5.2) feet ,5x5 circle rug  (5.3x5.3) feet ,, 5x8 size is (5.3x7.6) feet ,8x11 size (7.9x10.6) feet
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