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500W LCD Digital Aquarium Heater Anti-Explosion Electronic Thermostat Fish Tank

500W LCD Digital Aquarium Heater Anti-Explosion Electronic Thermostat Fish Tank

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🐳Safe & Reliable: Accurate temperature control making the temperature difference within ±1℃/±2ºF; automatically shut-off the power to avoid overheating and damage, keeping your fish healthy.
🐳Rapid Heating: Aquarium heaters is made of high quality Titanium metal, high heat transfer efficiency and short heating time. 500 watts is ideal for large aquariums of 60-150 gallons.
🐳Easy Installation: Vertical or horizontal installation and ensure the device is fully submerged underwater.
🐳External Temperature Controller: The touch-button controller adjusts the temperature without getting your hands wet. It’s easy to control the temp from 68℉/20°C to 94℉/34°C.
🐳Wide Compatibility: The fish tank aquarium heater applicable for freshwater and marine aquariums, aquaculture, glass containers, and hydroponic systems.

*Very easy and reliable to use. After well installing the aquarium heater and the thermometer, you just need to set the desired heating temp, then it can ensure the temperature constant at the set point with the blue indicator light,as it can adjust heating power automatically if there is any water temperature variation.

*Made of Durable Stainless steel Tube-Our seawater resistant steel aquarium heater is good for use both in salt water and fresh water, long service life.

*Antiflaming heater cover can prevent fish from going too close to the heater.

*Very compact small size, easy to hide in the tank. Comes with 2 suction cups to keep the heater in place of tank.

*There is indicator light to show the heating status on the LED screen through the temperature control.
You can long-press the 'Set' key to shift degree unit between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

*ON/OFF switch and Adjustable temperature controller.

*Suitable Temperature to Set for fish -With the thermostat controller you can set the temp from 68℉to 94℉

*Double sensing probes on the top of heater provide more precise induction.

Warning Notes:
1.Please use the heater in the water,when it is exposed in the air,the after-heat may cause damage to the heater or finally make it broken.
2.After you have cut the power,please wait at least 20mins until you can put it out.
3.Do not use the heater in corrosive environment.
4.The heater can be set inside the tank vertically and horizontally,but please put all the heater inside the water.
5.It only starts heating when it has gone 2 degrees below the set temperature(For example,if you want to get to the 26-27℃ range,you should set at 28-29℃)

Error code and LED display:
-Blue light:The temp have reach the goal,now the heater will keep it.
-Red light:The heater is now heating.
-E1:Water shortage or wrong installation
-E2:The temp went over 94℉,the heater will now stop heating
-E6:The temp went over 96℉,the heater will now stop heating

Materials:Stainless steel
Fits Fish tank size:100-120cm
Suits for Water Volume:250-350L

Heater length:26cm diameter:23mm
Power cord length:1.7m
Temperature control range:68℉-94℉/20-34℃
Waterproof level:IP68

Package includes:
1x Aquarium Heater(with power cord & plug)
1x User manual
2x Suction cups

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