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16pc Security Locking Key Lug Nut Master Pro Socket Set Tool Kit Wheel Removal

16pc Security Locking Key Lug Nut Master Pro Socket Set Tool Kit Wheel Removal

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Installing locking lug nuts on your vehicle protects expensive wheels and rims from being stolen, but when you need to change brake pads or rotate the tires, it can be a struggle to find the right key that unlocks them. The Lug Nut Key Replacement Set allows you to grab what you need to remove wheels instead of attempting to search through the car and the shop to find the right key. This wheel lock key replacement set comes with the following pieces: 12SS 11/16, 13/16; 7SS 5/8, 11/16, 3/4; 6SS 41/64, 45/64; 5SS 5/8; 10PL 1/2; 9PL 1/2; 8PL 5/8, 7/16; 6PL 15mm, 9/16, 1/2mm; 6PFL 12mm. Please note that this universal wheel lock key set covers the most common types of aftermarket wheel locks. If your vehicle has truly unique locks, only the original key will be an exact fit.

UNLOCK YOUR RIDE: The Lock Lug Nut Removal Tool Kit is a master set of double hex-headed, hex, and tuner style keys to fit a variety of vehicles with aftermarket lug nuts (for universal wheel locks); Thin-walled socket style lug keys with extra-long length to prevent damage to your wheels; Double-hex heads for use with 13/16-inch and 7/8-inch sockets and most lug wrenches; Set comes with standard (SAE) and metric pieces that can be used on spline, star, hex, and fluted hex fastener
8 INCLUDED SPLINE KEYS: Lug lock key set includes 5-spline small diameter socket 5/8-inch inner diameter (ID), 6-spline small diameter socket 41/64-inch and 45/64-inch ID, 7-spline small diameter 5/8-inch, 11/16-inch, and 3/4-inch ID, and 12-spline small diameter socket 11/16-inch and 13/16-inch ID
8 INCLUDED HEX AND STAR KEYS: Wheel lock removal socket set includes 6-point high tech hex lug 15mm, 9/16-inch, 12mm outer diameter (OD) and 6-point high tech fluted hex lug 12mm OD; 8-point star lug 7/16-inch and 5/8-inch outer dimension (OD), 9-point star lug 1/2-inch OD, and 10-point star lug 1/2-inch OD
BUILT TO LAST: Constructed from heat-treated chrome vanadium steel (CR-V) with a black oxide finish for maximum strength and longevity; Simply attach your combination wrench (not included) to the corresponding key size in this wheel lock remover kit
EASY STORAGE: Heavy-duty 13" x 2.1" x 8.9" inch (33cm x 5.3cm x 22.6cm) plastic blow-molded carrying case with handle for easy transportation, safe storage, and quick organization

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