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1/2 PK Animal Repeller Ultrasonic Solar Power Outdoor Pest Cat Mice Deer Sensor

1/2 PK Animal Repeller Ultrasonic Solar Power Outdoor Pest Cat Mice Deer Sensor

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Scare away the cats and other animal intruders such as dogs, squirrels, raccoons, rats or mice, etc. by emitting powerful ultrasonic When the Infrared PIR motion sensor detect them.

Angle of detection is 110 degrees so it is important to consider the most suitable rotation for maximum coverage.

With environmental and economical solar power panel charging mode, and portable and small size design, this ultrasonic animal repeller is easy to operate and safe for human and animal.


It is perfect to protect your garden and plants from unwanted visitors.


Item Size: 13*9.5*26cm
Package Size: 14.5*14*12cm
Color: green
Speakers: emit ultrasonic sound to repel pests
PIR Motion Detector: detects movement in the area being protected


Warm Tips:
1. Do not cover-up the PIR sensor.
2. Please choose a place where the solar panel on the top can get as long time sunshine as possible.
3. Please tear off the plastic sheet protecting the solar panel to make sure the charging efficiency.
4. Please install the device to the direction that animals come from to get better effect.
5.It happens that human can hear part of its range. So put the device as far as possible from human life place. Do not install the device in a children and baby playing ground area.
6.To clean the device, use damp-soft and mild soap with water. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning agents that may damage the device.


Package includes:
1x or 2x Animal Repeller
1x or 2xInstructions

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